Finding Your Future Together

About Andrea Coupe


I am a caring and enthusiastic Certified Educational Planner with a lifetime of professional dedication to my students. I create an upbeat and productive environment where I inspire students of all ages and backgrounds with my personal knowledge of college campuses, practical application guidance, and essay content planning.  Let’s find your future together!

Personalized Approach

I tell all my students I want them to arrive on campus ready to make the most of a four year experience! Students and parents should start the college search during 9th grade to be ideally prepared with thoughtful high school course choices, summer plans, and financial planning to have amazing college options.

Energetic Discovery

Which path will you take?  Even my students with undecided majors have a unique set of gifts and talents. Through the use of college websites, online tools, surveys, and enthusiastic conversations I want to explore all your possible majors, minors and future career paths. Let’s create a vision together so that your essays will speak to colleges clearly about why it matters if they offer an admission package to YOU.

Unique College List

At our first meeting I teach students and parents what most high schools, public and private, forget to explain – HOW to craft an amazing list of colleges! Academic, social and financial priorities are considered to ensure the highest level of admission options to compare. I analyze a transcript along with any available testing results during the Consultation to help determine possible Early Decision, Early Action and Rolling admission options. Achieve your college goal with a unique list!

My Amazing Families

  • I am so excited about this process and wanted to thank you for all of your help! You really helped to focus me because I was getting really overwhelmed when I started this process. Thank you again times a billion for all of your help. I am so excited about this process and relieved that I have gotten into some amazing schools with almost a full ride!!

    College Student / Law School Applicant
  • Thank you for helping and guiding our daughter through every step of the way, working so hard and trusting each other made her dream a reality. You believed in her and you also inspired her to believe in herself that with hard work, dedication and focus dreams do come true. This experience is going to guide her and make her dream into bigger dreams. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor knowing you. You are a joy!

  • Andrea, you know that you were the one responsible for introducing us to his school, the summer program and this incredible match. Your discernment of our son’s needs, wants and interests expertly identified a perfect environment with just the right academic program. Thank you so very much for ALL that you have done for him and our family.

  • I'm going to college! I just wanted to thank you for all your help!  I don't think I could have chosen the proper college for me without your advice and insight.  I'm very excited and can't wait to begin.  Thank you for helping and supporting me through everything.  It was, and still is an exciting experience.  Without your help I wouldn't have known where to begin!

  • Hi Andrea. It finally happened! Our son is starting to get excited about submitting his applications. He had a good ACT first score of 26 and he thinks he’ll do better on the next test. As he was sharing his ACT score he blurted out, "Thank God for Andrea Coupe!"  Quite a ringing endorsement from a kid who has been dragging his feet during this whole process….We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Thank you for all that you have done for me during the college admissions process. My parents and I didn't really know where to start on the essays or the college search process before we came to you, and while the school I picked was one that I initially considered as my top choice in summer, I definitely explored a lot more options, and tested whether Grove City truly was the school for me before I made my final decision. I never expected to get into as many schools as I did, or even receive as many scholarships that I received.

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Builds Confidence

I encourage my students to pretend I am their first professor and to practice college life habits during the remaining days of high school. I want students ready to handle the academic and personal challenges on a college campus – immediately!  I share important tips about how to interact with high school counselors and teachers to impress them so they can easily write that positive recommendation letter.

Inspires Effective Habits

Throughout the college search and application process I teach effective work habits to my students so they will arrive on a campus ready for years of personal growth and academic success. With the need to show authentic Demonstrated Interest to the world of college admission, especially at certain colleges, I also guide how to spend time through online interactions, campus visits, and  interviews so my students will find their best academic fit and be ready for future success!

Trustworthy Resource

All questions are worth asking! SAT and ACT Test Preparation recommendations, Merit and Scholarship opportunities, and my confidential advice for targeted decisions about school activities and summer programs all come together to later build a vibrant and authentic story in college applications. I am committed to maximizing college admission results as I guide the timely and appropriate responses to colleges if students are deferred or waitlisted.

Customized College List

The college list is the key to unlocking your future potential! I craft a list of colleges that students and parents find attractive based on academic credentials, majors of interest, and possible scholarship and financial aid options. I use my hundreds of campus visits, often as the guest of a college, to research campuses for students and to connect my students personally with college admissions counselors.

Unique Essay Content Planning

I bring over 30 years of experience helping teenagers write well. I guide students diligently while respecting their own style and voice online and in person to present a magnetic and engaging story in their applications. I demonstrate a time-tested editing technique that brings rave reviews from my high school students and positive results so a student will stand out from the crowd of thousands of applications.

All Students Welcome

I use my extensive training as an educator and volunteer to understand how a student learns best to determine their college fit so they can flourish and be well-prepared for their future.  Students with documented Learning Differences as well as transfer students from 4-year colleges and universities and community colleges benefit from my extensive experience as a educator and credentialed Language Arts Specialist.

Your time is now. Let’s build your future together.